Our Menù, is made of fresh and quality dishes, with seasonal ingredients from the Tuscan territory. Our dishes are simple but precious, with a common denominator: the flab! Here you will find a great Florentine steak cooked in the traditional Florentine style.

the Tuscan table

in its maximum expression

the Menù

This menu is just an example and changes according to the season and availability of products.


Bread croutons mixed with sauces, € 4
Aubergine roll, € 4
Vegetarian roll, € 5
Gargotta mini-pie, € 5
Ham & Artichokes, € 8
Tuscan charcuterie board, € 8
Chopping board of the hunter with croutons, € 8
Pecorini platter with truffle honey and Elderberry compote, € 9

Primi Piatti

Ribollita, € 7
Pici with cheese and pepper, € 8
Chef’s Tortelli, € 10
Pappardelle with hare sauce, € 10
Truffle cutlets, € 15.00

Secondi Piatti

Fritto misto con verdure fritte, 16€
Tagliata di manzo al rosmarino, 16€
Peposo alla fornacina, 11€
Coniglio alla Gargotta, 10€
Trippa alla fiorentina, 8€

dalla Griglia

Bistecca alla Fiorentina, 4€ all’etto
Filetto di manzo, 18€
Rosticciana con patate arrosto, 11€


Insalata mista | 
Spinaci saltati | Fagioli all’olio | Patate arrosto, 4€
Verdure fritte Verdure grigliate,  5€
Carciofi fritti, 6€

Wine List

We like wines made by men not from machines or from vials, to look for wine producers who respect the territory and its natural cycles.